Search Fails When Accessing my SharePoint site over the Internet

I came across this little issue after Extending my Web Application into the Internet Zone recently. When I tried to search via the Internet Zone URL I received the below error message. The web application at [URL] could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving [...]

How To Unextend a Web Application in SharePoint 2010?

To enable users to access your SharePoint content via a different URL or authentication method you must Extend the Web Application into a new zone. This essentially creates a new Website in IIS but has a unique URL. If for some reason you wish to revert this process, maybe you made a mistake in the [...]

Facebook Launches Video Ads

Last week Facebook announced itĀ is launching Premium Video Ads. The social network has partnered with a select group of advertisers for the launch. Adverts will appear in the Newsfeed andĀ comprise of a 15 second video which will start playing automatically with the sound muted. If the user scrolls past the video it will stop playing [...]

Setting realistic Social Media Goals

I just came across this blog post by Jenn Herman. In the post she likens setting Social Media goals to that of an athlete with aspirations of competing in the Olympics. She states that although they have big dreams, they must set themselves smaller, realistic goals along the way. At BCS we launched our Facebook [...]

User Profile Synchronization Service Gets Stuck on Starting

I recently came across this issue when provisioning the User Profile Service in SharePoint 2010. For some reason once you provision the User Profile Service Application the User Profile Synchronization Service gets stuck on Starting, and it can’t be stopped in Central Administration. This is apparently a very common issue and I have even heard [...]

How to stop people you don’t know contacting you on Google+?

Google, in their infinite wisdom have decided to rollout a new feature to all Gmail users. The new feature will allow Gmail users to send an email to Google+ connections even if you haven’t exchanged email addresses.

How to monitor what people are saying about your business on the web and social media?

When customers get their noses out of joint, experience bad customer service or are just unhappy with your product or service. The first place they go and rant their frustrations is the web and social media. In this super-connected world it is more important that ever to monitor what people are saying about your company [...]

jtablesession::Store Failed Error

I’m currently managing a website that runs on the Joomla CMS. Not having had any experince with Joomla before it’s been a pretty steep learning curve. I came across a pretty interesting issue recently that meant the website stopped working. When trying to load the website I recieved the following error: jtablesession::Store Failed DB function [...]

How to add an Alternate Style Sheet in SharePoint 2010

Alternate Style Sheets in SharePoint 2010 allow us to easily apply some branding to the SharePoint interface by overriding the default styles. To define the style you wish to change use Firebug for Firefox or Internet Explorer’s Web Developer Tools. Once you know the style you wish to change then create a new CSS file [...]

I’m HootSuite Certified!

I passed my HootSuite Certification Exam this week which makes me a HootSuite Certified Professional and I am now listed in the HootSuite Certified Professionals Directory. HootSuite Certification is earned through passing a series of exams. These exams demonstrate expertise with the HootSuite dashboard and Social Media best practice. You can view my profile on [...]

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